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Zone In On The Benefits of HVAC Zoning

Zone in on the benefits of HVAc zoning

Did you know that HVAC zoning can help boost your money-saving goals? Check out how this home comfort upgrade can improve your HVAC efficiency and convenience in your Orlando, FL home!

How HVAC Zoning System Works?

Zoning system creates a division or zones in spaces which receive a significant amount of heating and cooling. The zones vary in sizes, which normally come in as small as single rooms and as large as the entire floor of a multi-story building. Zoning system helps manipulate the temperature setting in a specific zone without affecting the temperature setting on the other areas.

Zoning uses multiple thermostats that control the dampers in the air ducts for a particular room or zone. Once the preferred temperature is reached, the dampers close to prevent your HVAC system from continuously heating or cooling the space.

Benefits of Zoning System

  • Money and Energy Savings

A zoning system can reduce your energy consumption by heating and cooling only the occupied rooms. Since you are no longer paying for wasted energy, you can enjoy lower energy bill to pay every month. For a single-story home, zoning allows you to use smaller and less expensive HVAC systems and can contribute to the reduced wear and tear of your existing unit.

  • Better Indoor Air Quality

Zoning offers a decentralized control of the temperature inside your home. It keeps different zones separate, especially those that use ductless systems or, with more than one HVAC, preventing as much air travel around your home. With this, air pollutants, dust, and other allergens are less distributed in your home which results in better indoor air quality.

  • Comfort

Different people call for different temperature preferences. Zoning system helps eliminate arguments with the other occupants over the temperature setting in your home. They can always set the best temperature in their room without disturbing the comfort of other people in the other rooms. Additionally, zoning gets rid of hot and cold spots and can be easily controlled using laptops and smartphones.

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