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Why Do You Need A-1’s Club Membership Agreement?

Why Do You Need A-1’s Club Membership Agreement?

A lot of things can happen with the regular operation of your heating and cooling system. The last thing you would want to experience in the long summer months is a failing A/C, might as well be prepared and enroll in our Club Membership Agreement at A-1 Heating & Air.

From safety to efficiency, check out these benefits you can enjoy by enrolling in our service agreement.

  • Priority Service

When your unit suddenly breaks, and you’re enrolled in our service agreement, you have nothing to worry about. Even in the busiest summer season where technicians are less available, we guarantee you there’s someone from our team to help you with your needs. Priority service is a crucial benefit that many of our members are thankful for, especially in peak season winter and summer.

  • Documentation of Maintenance

If you’re part of our maintenance agreement, you are provided with detailed records of your tune-up schedules. Documentations of your maintenance services are important to keep your unit’s warranty intact. It is also beneficial when you are about to put your home on the market.

  • Reduce Operating Costs

Do you know that a typical HVAC system with regular maintenance service can give you savings of more than $100 per rated ton year? Since every component is working efficiently, the whole system will not consume more energy than needed, giving you lower monthly bills to pay. Additionally, if you take care of your unit, you can enjoy its service even years after its estimated lifespan.

  • Reduced Repair Costs

Up to 80% of all compressor failures are caused by something external to the compressor. When small problems can be found and repaired before they become big, service agreement customers pay for fewer compressor failures and emergency repairs.

2 Precision Tune-Ups Per Year: 10% Off Parts & Labor

At A-1 Heat & Air, we agree to send a qualified service technician to inspect your heating and cooling equipment twice a year with our Club Membership Agreement. The precision tune-up and professional cleaning services annually include:

  • Clean and check condenser coil
  • Check operating pressures
  • Check starting capabilities
  • Check safety control
  • Check and adjust blower components
  • Check for correct air flow
  • Clean condensate drain
  • Check for the proper temperature difference
  • Check all electrical connections
  • Check voltage and amperage on motors
  • Lubricate all moving part where necessary
  • Check thermostat calibration
  • Check duct work annually

Talk to our experts to learn more about our maintenance service agreement! Call us at A-1 Heat & Air today or visit our page now!