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Portable Space Heater Safety Tips

Portable Space Heater Safety Tips

Space heaters are effective sources of supplementary heat, but they have a very bad reputation as fire hazards. Follow these tips from the National Fire Protection Association to reduce the chances of space heater-related issues and injury in your home this coming cold season.

  • Follow the 3-ft Rule

Keep combustible materials, such as beddings, curtains, and furniture, at least 3 feet away from the space heater. Do not crowd your unit with these flammable materials to prevent the risks of fire.

  • Inspect the Cords

Always take time to inspect if the cords of your space heater are worn out or damaged. Refrain from plugging them in an extension cord or power strip, unless you have absolutely no choice.

  • Secure the Plug

Plug the space heater securely into the outlet and make it sure it does not come loose. If you notice that the power cord or wall heater becomes hot, unplug it and call an electrician right away.

  • Keep it Stable

You should not put your space heaters on the table, chair, or any unstable surface. Placed it in an area where it won’t fall or be knocked off. Also, be sure to place it in a low traffic area.

  • Safety Certified

The safety logo in space heaters is proof that it is safe to use. It also means that the unit is listed by a recognized testing laboratory.

  • Do Not Use Around Water

Just like any other electrical appliances, space heaters should not be used with wet hands or even around wet surfaces. The water can cause electric shock and injury.

  • Keep an Eye Out

Space heaters are inviting appliances for small children. Pay extra attention to your kids as they might mess around the unit or operate the device and cause an accident.

  • Use the Right Fuel

If yours is a fuel-operated space heater, make sure you refill it with the right kind. Incompatibility in the fuel can cause a fire.

  • Ventilation

Fuel-burning heaters can be used inside your home but with proper ventilation. If ventilation is an issue in your space, choose an electric one instead.

  • Plug-Out

If you are ready to go to bed or need to go out of your home, make sure to unplug your space heaters. Most fire-reported incidents are due to space heaters left plugged for a long time.

It is wise to practice these tips when using space heaters. If you care about your neighbor, family, and friends, you may want to share the information on this crucial matter.

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