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5 No-Cost Ways to Improve Air Conditioning Efficiency

5 No-Cost Ways to Improve Air Conditioning Efficiency

Are you looking for ways to reduce your cooling costs this summer? Since your air conditioning unit accounts for approximately 70% of your energy bill, you should give it serious attention. As your local heating and cooling contractor, professionals in air system cleaning in Orlando, FL, we recommend you consider these no-cost ways to improve the efficiency of your air conditioning units.

Use Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan circulates the cold air that comes from your air conditioning unit. It creates a wind-chill effect which makes you feel six to seven degrees cooler inside your room. When you run your ceiling fans and A/C together, you can raise the thermostat setting by as much as four degrees without ruining your comfort. This can save you big time on your energy consumption for the whole summer season.

Avoid Heat Build-up During the Day

There are a lot of indoor activities that generate heat and add pressure to your air conditioning unit. Some of these are cooking on the stovetop, using the dishwasher and clothes dryer and continuous use of heat-generating appliances. Our experts at A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning recommend grilling outside, microwaving your foods, and air-drying clothes instead.  These simple tricks will help your unit cool your home fast while saving money on electricity.

Insulate the Ducts

You can increase your energy savings if your ductwork is properly sealed. There are specialized duct-sealing tapes available for the most visible leaks, but we recommend you consider a duct inspection and repair. For better results, contact us about your air system cleaning in Orlando. A professional team can easily and completely identify duct leaks and provide a proper solution to bring back the efficiency of your unit.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

Run your air conditioning unit more economically by setting the thermostat as high as possible. If you don’t mind some heat in the summer, a 78º temperature will give you up to 18% off your energy cost.  You can also benefit from upgrading your manually operated controls to a programmable one. Programmable thermostats can automatically manipulate the setting when you’re out or asleep, reducing your energy bill by up to 10%.

Clean the Area Around the Condenser Unit

The condenser is the outdoor component of your air conditioner and it plays a very important role in the air cooling cycle. Be sure to keep the unit free of debris to secure its proper performance. Remove trapped leaves and twigs from the case, cut down overgrown shrubs and plants, and schedule regular cleaning to remove dust and dirt.

Are you having trouble with the performance of your cooling system? Always keep A-1 Heat and Air’s number in your phone for emergency HVAC services and air system cleaning in Orlando, FL. You can also visit our page and see what else we can help you with!