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Factors That Impact the Cost of HVAC Installation in Orlando, FL

Factors That Impact the Cost of HVAC Installation in Orlando, FL

Do you need a new air conditioning system this season but don’t know where to start? Check out these important factors that can affect the cost of purchase and installation of your new unit.

Types of System

The type of unit you choose has a significant impact on the total installation cost. Some of the most common types of cooling systems used in Orlando, FL are split duct, variable refrigerant flow HVAC units, heat pumps, ductless mini splits, and more. At A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning, we can help you find the right unit for your home with a free evaluation.

Size and Capacity

The bigger is better adage doesn’t apply to HVAC systems. The size and capacity of your air conditioning unit should be compatible with the unique demands of your home. Too small units need to work hard to reach the temperature set in your thermostat while extremely large systems cool your home fast but don’t remove humidity in the room. You need a professional load calculation service from your trusted HVAC company in Orlando, FL.

SEER Rating

The SEER rating measures the efficiency of your air conditioning system. The higher the rating, the greater the efficiency and the higher the cost. While it is true that high-efficiency units also have higher upfront costs, they pay off in the long run.

New Install Vs. Replacement

You are lucky if your house has an existing central air and ductworks. Adding a new A/C to a home which does not have a duct system is more expensive. This is because of the labor that comes along with ductwork installation, decking drains, and wirings for the equipment.

Number of Vents and Returns

The supply and return vents help circulate the air throughout your home. The more rooms you need to cool, the more supply and return vents you will need. This means you need to pay for a higher installation cost.

HVAC systems are a great investment, so we recommend you skip all the guesswork and talk to a reputable HVAC company near you. If you are somewhere in Central Florida, our experts at A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning is your best friend for all your HVAC needs. Call us for a free quote!

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