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Top 5 Common HVAC Myths

Top 5 Common HVAC Myths

How your HVAC systems work may still be a mystery to you and others. And because heating and cooling systems operate differently, there are things about them that you know which might be completely wrong—just like these myths below. Keep reading as we bust these top 5 HVAC myths for you! […]

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with These HVAC Gifts

Celebrate Valentine's Day with These HVAC Gifts

Are you tight with expenses from the holidays or both of you too busy at work to make preparations? Have you found that perfect gift for him/her yet? If you want to spark some romance this year, how about something both of you can enjoy? Although flowers, cards, jewelry, and […]

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Simple Yet Effective Ways to Warm Your Home


As the temperature continues to drop in the winter, your heating system works harder to keep you and your family warm at home. Based on studies, heating a typical home accounts over 70% of household energy consumption, and this can go higher depending on the weather outside. Yes, cranking up […]

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Practical Ways to Increase Home Humidity Levels


January is the coldest month in Orlando, FL. This is why homeowners try to find ways on how to maintain the level of humidity indoors. During this season, when the humidity levels drop; everyone becomes vulnerable to discomfort. But, worry not! We have provided a list of ways on how […]

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Benefits of HVAC Club Membership Agreement in Orlando, FL


HVAC breakdown is never a good thing, especially in Orlando, FL, when the season becomes unpredictable. Luckily, A-1 Heating & Air Conditioning offers an HVAC Club Membership Agreement to help ease the burden for home and business owners. It’s our pleasure to satisfy our clients by delivering high-end HVAC services—from […]

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5 Tips to Have Yourself an Energy-Saving Christmas


One of the exciting ways of celebrating the Christmas season is decorating your home with lights and ornaments. The holidays wouldn’t be fun without them hanging in your house. Unfortunately, this tradition also causes your utility bills to rise. No worries—here are five amazing energy-saving tips this Christmas: Turn Down […]

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Common Heating Mistakes to Avoid in the Winter


Modern heating systems are highly efficient, yes. Most homeowners fail to take advantage of their full benefits because of certain heating mistakes. Here are common heating mistakes you should avoid this winter: Cranking Up the Thermostat Your heating system needs time to produce the heat you desire for your home. […]

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