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Safety & Efficiency

ac maintenance checking by A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning technician Orlando, FL

WHY DO I NEED The Club Membership Agreement ?

HVAC system evaluationReduce Operating Costs! Depending on the severity of the problems, savings of more than $100 per rated ton per year is possible where maintenance has been poor or non-existent.

Reduce Repair Costs! Up to 80% of all compressor failures are caused by something external to the compressor. When small problems can be found and repaired before they become big, service agreement customers pay for fewer compressor failures and emergency repairs.

With this agreement, you are now considered a Preferred Customer which entitles you to absolute priority service, extended warranties, cash discounts, and most importantly: Peace of Mind.

2 Precision Tune Ups Per Year
10% Off Parts & Labor

We agree to provide you with a qualified Service Technician to inspect your Air Conditioning and Heating Equipment. The maintenance services to be performed as part of the agreement include a precision tune-up and professional cleaning each year, consisting of:

    • Clean and check condenser coil
    • Check operating pressures
    • Check starting capabilities
    • Check safety control
    • Check and adjust blower components
    • Check for correct air flow
    • Clean condensate drain
    • Check for proper temperature difference
    • Check all electrical connections
    • Check voltage and amperage on motors
    • Lubricate all moving part where necessary
    • Check thermostat calibration
    • Check duct work annually
    • Improved efficiency
    • Extended equipment life
    • Improved capacity
    • Priority customer
    • Inflation protection
    • Agreement transferable