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Quality Heater Repair Service in Winter Park, FL

Heater Repair Winter Park

While Winter Park’s temperature during winter rarely drops below freezing point, staying comfortable is still challenging without a well-functioning heater.

A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning understands your comfort woes. So our factory-trained and certified technicians are always ready to save you when something goes wrong with your heating system. We offer comprehensive heater repair service in Winter Park, FL that you can trust.

Telltale Signs Your Heater Needs Repair

Heater breakdowns can happen anytime. But you don’t have to be left helpless. Your heater will show signs when something is wrong. If you notice them on time, you could make any necessary preparations such as calling expert heating repair technicians.

Here are the signs to look out for:

Strange noises

Are you hearing banging, rattling, and creaking? There’s no ghost trying to scare you. It’s your heater telling you that something is wrong with it. Buzzing noises may indicate problems with the fan or capacitor. A loud rumbling sound may be a sign of an issue with the blower wheel.

Different noises may mean different problems. But one thing is sure – you need to call an expert repair service in Winter Park, FL. 

Nasty Smell

Can you smell rotten eggs or sulfur, milder/mold-like odor, ozone or electrical burning, diesel or burning oil, or dust or must coming from your heater? If so, you should immediately call HVAC experts for inspection. The odors mentioned above are an indication of problems with your heating system. They aren’t ordinary and may even cause life-threatening situations.

Yellow Flame

Your burner flame should look blue or almost entirely blue. This color means that your furnace can burn the gas efficiently. If the flame color changes to yellow, it means there is a combustion problem that heating pros should fix. 

Inexplicably High Power Bills

If your electricity bills or gas bill is outrageously high, don’t easily blame utility companies. The culprit may be your heater. Clogged filters and vents, and leakages in your heating system may force the equipment to use more power to function effectively, causing a spike in your power bills. 

Cold Spots Invade Your Home

Do some areas in your house stays cool even when your heater is working? If yes, something is wrong with your heating system. You can try fixing this problem by adding a layer of insulation around your windows and doors. But if nothing changes, it’s best to call heating professionals to inspect your equipment and solve the problem.

Your Heating System Blows Cold Air

It could be due to a thermostat malfunction, tripped circuit breaker, or a blown fuse.  There are many reasons why your heating system blows cold air. It’s best to seek professional help in this case. 

The signs for repair are not limited to the ones listed above. Feel free to contact heater repair technicians in Winter Park, FL to inspect your heater and fix any damage. 

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Have you seen signs of heater repair? Contact A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning, Inc. today! Our heater specialists are trained with the latest advancement in all types of heating systems. We are licensed and certified, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your heater is at the hand of people who know what they are doing. 

Our team can carry out any heater repair jobs. Call us at 407-290-9517 to schedule an appointment. Our support team is available 24/7.