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Most Trusted Heater Installation in Apopka, FL

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As the fall season comes, homeowners start to prepare for the winter, including the needed new furnace installation. And as your trusted heater installation in Apopka, FL, we certainly want you and your family warm throughout the entire season. That is why it is vital to know when you need to invest money in a new furnace.

With that, you may ask what unit suits your place best? Let A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning help you decide whether you should get a gas or an electric system. Call us today!

Which is Better? Gas or Electric Furnaces?

Many homeowners may prefer gas furnaces due to their cheap operation than those of electric. However, there are some instances where an electric furnace will best suit your home.

This post will discuss each of these factors in more detail to help you identify which heating system is best for your property. Read on.

FACTOR #1: Availability of Fuel Source

If you already have easy access to natural gas, we highly suggest you opt for gas furnaces. Because if this is the case, gas furnaces will let you save more in the long run in terms of lower monthly energy bills, even if gas furnaces have a higher upfront cost than electric furnaces.

However, if your home does not have easy access to natural gas, it will be better for you to opt for electric furnaces. Adding gas lines can significantly be more expensive, making first-time gas furnace installation a bit pricey.

FACTOR #2: Installation Cost

Undeniably, gas furnaces are more expensive to install than electric furnaces. This is because gas furnaces require ventilation to free the combustion gases. While, electric furnaces do not need any ventilation, making their upfront cost cheaper.

If you do not have the budget for a different ventilation system and you immediately need a new furnace, an electric furnace maybe your best option. You can also opt for a heat pump if you do not experience extremely cold winters. Heat pumps are even more efficient than electric furnaces. Call our team to learn more.

FACTOR #3: Size of Unit

Choosing the properly sized furnace should be according to the size of your residential property. The best furnace for your home should match its heat output or British Thermal Units (BTUs).

If you fail to choose the perfect sized unit, this could lead to new heating problems. A furnace that is too small for your home will have trouble effectively heating your space. In comparison, a furnace that is too big for your space will suffer from short cycles. Both of these problems will result in inefficiency and accelerated breakage.

We are Your Trusted Heater Installation in Apopka, FL! Call A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning Today!

A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning Inc offers friendly estimates on advanced, energy-efficient furnaces. Our well-trained and experienced heating specialists will measure your home and your family’s heating needs to help you choose the best heating system for your space.

We understand that a too big or too small system will burn energy faster while producing less heating. Once we’ve completed our assessment of your needs, we’ll provide you with an honest and budget-friendly estimate on how much your new heating system will cost.

If you’re ready for more reliable heating in this coming Florida winter, give us a call at 407-290-9517 or you can visit us online. Let us provide the heating you deserve.