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What Is The Best Temperature To Leave Your House During Your New Year Vacation

What Is The Best Temperature To Leave Your House During Your New Year Vacation

During the holiday season and New Year, it will be a waste of money to keep your HVAC running when no one’s around. But, it will be disappointing to completely turn your system off and return home with an uncomfortable temperature, right?

No worries! A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning is here for the rescue. We’ll help you decide the best temperature level for your Orlando, FL home before your trip. Keep on reading to know more!

Keep the Heat Running

Most homeowners believe that the most practical way to save money is shutting off their unit completely. Well, that might be effective, but there’s a much better way to do it. You can turn your thermostat a few degrees higher to keep the heat indoors. Maintaining the right level of heat at home protects your belongings and property from dust buildup, mold, and bugs.

Also, the electrical circuitry of your appliances is prone to water condensation during the cold weather—another reason why it’s better to maintain some heat inside your house.

Ideal Thermostat Settings

Every house is different and the temperature setting will depend on several factors like the location, insulation level, pipe layout, and exterior temperature. Ideally, your indoor temperature should be around 50 – 60 degrees and shouldn’t fall below 40 degrees.

Other Things to Consider

Try these simple energy-saving tips if you’re going on two-day or a one-week vacation:

  • Unplug unused electronic devices and appliances.
  • Turn off Christmas lights and all electric-powered decorations.
  • Keep the water flowing so it won’t freeze.
  • Keep your registers and vents free from obstructions for better airflow.
  • Make use of Smart Plugs.
  • Upgrade to a smart thermostat to regulate your indoor temperature.
  • Make sure your security system and alarms are working.
  • Ask a neighbor or relative to check your house while you’re gone.

There’s no better way of celebrating the holiday or New Year than going on a vacation and returning to a comfortable home. Whether you’ll be on vacation for a few days or away for an extended period, follow these reminders before you go.