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Top 5 Common HVAC Myths

Top 5 Common HVAC Myths

How your HVAC systems work may still be a mystery to you and others. And because heating and cooling systems operate differently, there are things about them that you know which might be completely wrong—just like these myths below.

Keep reading as we bust these top 5 HVAC myths for you!

Bigger is Better

Do you think that having a bigger HVAC system is better? Well, for some people who aren’t that familiar with how HVAC works, they’ll that bigger is best. Little do they know  that having a bigger A/C or heating system for a small space isn’t good at all. The fact is your comfort system will work extra harder than it should, which can lead to higher utility bills and early system failure.

Turning Thermostat Down Can Cool My Home Faster

Your thermostat’s main role is to send information to your comfort system when to turn on or off according to the temperature you wanted to maintain. Turning it down won’t cool your home faster than you expected. The truth is, the temperature you set your thermostat to doesn’t have anything to do with how fast your home will cool or warm.

Closing Vents in Empty Room Can Save Energy

We know you want to save. But, closing the vents to achieve an efficient energy belief is wrong. Doing that only increases the pressure in your HVAC ducts. Closing the vents can cause leaks within the vent seams, which can eventually cause problems.

Changing Filter Every Year

As a rule of thumb, if you want your HVAC system to perform well and have a longer shelf life, changing the filter at least once every three or five months is a must.  Imagine the accumulation of dust, dirt, and pet dander if you won’t replace the filter regularly.

Tune-Up is Just a Waste of Money and Time

Just like cars, HVAC system is a complex machine that requires annual maintenance or tune-ups.  It has several moving parts that needed to be lubed, inspected, or oiled. With regular check-ups, your system will surely run smoothly. You can also save on costly repairs over time.

Don’t fall for these HVAC myths—ask the experts instead. Contacting an experienced and proficient HVAC contractor helps you learn everything about your heating and cooling system. At A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning, we’re here for you every step of the way. Contact us today!