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Importance Of Air Duct Cleaning

importance of duct cleaning

Did you know that a single duct cleaning job can remove several pounds of dirt? Yes, you heard it right! A neglected duct system can hoard this enormous amount of filth. As your HVAC operates, tiny particles of dust, pet dander, and pollen will accumulate on your ducts over time.

What is Air Duct Cleaning?
Air duct cleaning is the process of getting rid of debris from registers, air ducts, grilles, and other components of the HVAC system. Since ducts are usually hidden behind walls or above ceilings, the only option to clean is using a state-of-the-art vacuum or compression system.

Just like your HVAC system, the air duct also requires proper care and maintenance to ensure the best performance. It guarantees that your duct system is free from debris and dust. Duct cleaning also ensures that you’ll have a lower energy bill as well as improved IAQ.

Frequent duct cleaning is a must, particularly for homes with indoor pets. You also need to consider cleaning your air duct if you just recently had a renovation. This helps get rid of the dust and dirt accumulated during the revamping project.

What Do You Get From Duct Cleaning?
Longer System Lifespan

An unmaintained ventilation system could lead to contaminated blower wheels, clogged A/C coils, and other problems that usually result in expensive repairs. However, with regular cleaning and maintenance, your HVAC equipment will have a longer shelf life.

Better Indoor Air Quality

The indoor air you breathe is the same as the air that passes through your air duct system. Letting the dirt sit for some time in the duct encourages air pollutants to enter every room in the house. These airborne particles can pose a serious problem for individuals with health conditions like allergies, asthma, and respiratory illnesses.

Lower Utility Bills

A clogged duct system will make your heating or A/C system to work harder than it should. Keeping your ducts clean and free from any dirt will guarantee that your unit will not just perform efficiently but cut lower the utility bills.

Giving your air duct system with utmost care is as important as caring for your house equipment. Duct cleaning is something that you should leave it to the experts. A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning is Orlando’s leading local HVAC contractor. Duct cleaning is one of our specialties, and we’ll be glad to help you. Contact us now!