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HVAC Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

HVAC Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

The presence of these furry families at home comes with great responsibilities, especially that they can pollute your indoor air in ways you cannot imagine. Good thing, you can still enjoy a healthy indoor environment while making memorable moments with your animal friends. These effective HVAC maintenance tips from our professionals at A-1 will help you:

  • Groom your pets regularly.

There is more to pet care than just cuddling and giving them food; you also need to make sure they are cleaned and groomed well. Pet hair and dander can easily cover the filters and clog the air ducts, thus restricting the airflow. Nip this problem to the bud by bringing your furry friend to the groomer every now and then.

  • Change the filters regularly.

Do not wait until the filter is caked with dust, pet hair, dander, and other particles before realizing the need for a filter replacement. If you are living with your pets, you need to be vigilant in cleaning your HVAC filters. If possible, upgrade to that equipment with a higher MERV rating. They can filter airborne allergens and pollutants including pet discharge.

  • Keep Condenser Units Closed

Condensers are located outside, but pets can find their way to it and damage the fins. Dogs may urinate on it which can cause future problems. Put a barrier or fence around it to prevent these animals from disturbing its normal operation.

  • Hide Exposed Wires

Exposed wires are a threat to one’s safety. Even without pets at home, you need to make sure they are well-placed and hidden. Cats and dogs are playful animals, and they may find these wires a good playmate and pretty great to chew. If that happens, you will be faced with great danger in your safety and that of your units.

  • Seal the Ducts

If you suspect duct leaks, call the pro for complete sealing service. These holes can pull pet dander, hair, and other particles into your home. Be sure to schedule a regular duct cleaning schedule and fix holes and leaks immediately.

  • Schedule a Regular HVAC Maintenance Service

Professional HVAC maintenance is crucial to the longevity and efficiency of your unit. By cleaning the parts, you can get rid of the allergens that your pets bring. You can also keep the efficiency of your unit all year-round.

It is not bad to have pets at home. You only need an extra sense of responsibility. We hope these tips help. If you have further queries or need expert HVAC services, feel free to call us at A-1 Heat & Air.