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Home Health Hazards Associated with Neglecting HVAC Maintenance

Home Health Hazards Associated with Neglecting HVAC Maintenance

If you are not taking HVAC maintenance seriously, your family could possibly be in great danger of experiencing a horrible indoor atmosphere. According to many HVAC experts, 75% of calls they receive monthly are related to heating and cooling system negligence and lack of maintenance. If your HVAC devices are neglected, they will suddenly stop operating leaving the entire family uncomfortable.

Here are a few home health hazards you might encounter by skipping HVAC maintenance.

Mold Growth

Mold is something that you surely do not want in the house. Not only that it triggers respiratory issues, but it also reduces your home’s stability. Without a reliable HVAC company to check on your system at least three times a year, it increases the possibility of mold growth, contaminants and leaks. The moment you notice mold starting to build up in or around your A/C, call your HVAC technician right away for an inspection.

Poor Air Quality

Not having regular inspections on your heating and cooling system results in poor indoor air quality. Mold, dust, dirt and debris accumulated in your system can seriously pollute the air you breathe inside the house. Airborne particles that have built up can infect your home.  Ignoring or skipping HVAC maintenance endangers the entire family of carbon monoxide poisoning. Air contaminants can pose serious risks to your family’s health so prevent it before it happens.

Call your HVAC contractor for an in-home inspection today!

Costly Breakdown Repairs

Neither your heating or cooling system will send out a verbal or written warning when it is near to failing. It will just stop working in the middle of the cold or hot season. Regular maintenance keeps you in touch with the condition of your HVAC system, including the signs of system breakdown. If you keep on skipping your schedule, small glitches will surely grow into bigger issues in your system.

Do not end up spending your money on extensive repairs instead of using it to your family’s needs. You should get the right maintenance service from the experts now. Immediate action prevents minor HVAC problems from developing into major concerns.

If you do not remember the last time you had your system checked, then schedule an HVAC inspection now! Call A-1 Heat and Air Conditioning today for a free in-home estimate of your system’s maintenance. Keep your family healthy and your home safe with just a call from the experts.