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Benefits of HVAC Club Membership Agreement in Orlando, FL

Benefits of HVAC Club Membership Agreement in Orlando, FL

HVAC breakdown is never a good thing, especially in Orlando, FL, when the season becomes unpredictable. Luckily, A-1 Heating & Air Conditioning offers an HVAC Club Membership Agreement to help ease the burden for home and business owners.

It’s our pleasure to satisfy our clients by delivering high-end HVAC services—from residential to commercial systems. Enjoy the benefits of joining our HVAC Club Membership Agreement as the following:

Priority Service

Once you sign up, you’ll no longer have to worry about HVAC emergencies. As a member, you can take advantage of our priority service—meaning you don’t have to wait in line when you need a service. During the busiest hour or even on holidays, we guarantee one of our team members will help you with your comfort needs.

Scheduled Maintenance

HVAC is a complex mechanical system that needs regular maintenance to stay in its best condition. Our club membership agreement includes two scheduled maintenance calls each year (initial & follow-up after six months), while keeping a detailed record of what took place on each visit. This way, you can keep your system up and running all season long without any surprise failures.

Precision Tune-up

To get the most out of your HVAC system, you shouldn’t neglect regular tune-ups and maintenance. At A-1, we offer a comprehensive tune-up service as part of our club membership agreement.

Our precision tune-up, which include system cleaning and inspection and safety control testing, are designed to ensure the utmost performance of your system and provide maximum comfort for you and your family.

Additional Savings

Neglecting maintenance may cause a steady decline in your HVAC system’s performance while exponentially increasing its energy use. With scheduled maintenance and services, you can prevent critical issues from happening. Any minor concerns such as cleanup and calibration are done automatically every visit, as our core principle in maintaining a healthy system.