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8 Furnace Sounds That Signal You Need Heater Repair in Winter Springs, FL

8 Furnace Sounds That Signal You Need Heater Repair in Winter Springs, FL

If you’re a homeowner, chances are you’ve heard some strange and mysterious noises coming from your heater at one time or another. But what do these noises mean? Are they normal, or should you be worried? Don’t worry—we have the answers!

Read on to learn about 8 sounds your heating system shouldn’t make.


Banging is never a good sign, as it usually means there’s something wrong with the burner assembly in your furnace. The cause of this noise could be anything from loose screws to worn-out parts, so if you hear banging coming from your furnace or air conditioning system, it’s best to call a professional HVAC technician right away.


If you’re hearing a high-pitched squeal when you turn on the heat, chances are it’s coming from your blower belt slipping out of place or rubbing against something else in the unit itself (like metal).

However, it usually signals that a belt has become loose or worn out and needs to be replaced immediately before further damage occurs to other components of the system. To fix this issue, you’ll need to adjust or replace the belt accordingly.


Clanking typically means that there’s metal-on-metal contact somewhere in the system. This could be caused by dirt or debris getting stuck between moving parts, or it could also indicate a more serious problem like an out of balance blower wheel or worn bearings. Again, if you hear clanking coming from your heater, it’s best to get professional help as soon as possible.


If all seems normal but you hear an electric hum when turning on your heater, then it’s likely just normal electricity running through its motor. Humming may also indicate that something isn’t quite right in the system (like a dirty filter) or it can just mean that everything is working properly.

If it starts humming more frequently than normal (or never stops humming), then it could mean that there is some kind of electrical problem within your unit that needs fixing ASAP by a pro!


Grinding noises usually mean that something is wrong with the motor in your furnace. It could mean that the motor has gone bad and needs to be replaced, or it could simply mean that the motor needs to be lubricated with oil for proper operation. If you hear grinding when your heater is running, call a technician right away for assistance.


A clicking sound could signify anything from a thermostat malfunction to aging electrical components needing an upgrade. It could also mean something small like a relay switch trying to turn on (or off) but failing constantly because of electrical issues within the system itself.

Either way, if it persists for more than one cycle then get in touch with an expert technician who can properly diagnose and fix whatever is causing this noise for good!


Buzzing indicates an electrical issue in your system (like shorted wiring). Make sure all power sources are turned off before attempting any repairs yourself; however, if buzzing persists even after turning off all power sources then call an electrician for professional assistance immediately!


Roaring is a sign that air is not flowing properly through the ducts due to blockages or clogs somewhere along their length; this can usually be fixed fairly easily with some basic cleaning of the vents and filters but again, if roaring persists then seek professional help from an HVAC contractor as soon as possible! 

While many noises are simply part of regular wear and tear on furnaces or any HVAC systems (and nothing necessarily wrong), there are certain sounds that should never come out of them, such as banging, grinding, squealing, rattling and booming.

Remember though: no matter how minor (or major) these issues may seem at first glance always consult with a trained HVAC technician before attempting any repairs yourself because safety should always come first when dealing with potentially hazardous appliances at home.

So don’t wait until those noises become louder and more frequent. If something sounds off about your heating system then make sure to get it checked out sooner rather than later before any serious damage takes place!

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