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5 Types of Thermostat for your HVAC System

5 Types of Thermostat for your HVAC System

Thermostats come in all forms, shapes, and styles. If you are looking for the best thermostat to match your comfort system at home, you can find yourself a match from these five options below:

• Mechanical Thermostats

These are considered the most basic type of thermostat. They must be manually customized to meet the comfort demands of your home. Physical tuning and set up is also required to shift the setting from heating to cooling and for turning the device on and off. Termed as traditional controls, mechanical thermostats are obviously less expensive, and many still opt for these devices even in today’s time.

• Non programmable Digital Thermostats

A non programmable thermostat has a big similarity with a mechanical thermostat since they are both manually operated and with lesser cost as compared to modern types. The only difference is, digital thermostats offer a digital display of the setting instead of a mechanical meter or dial. The digital display makes it easier for you to read the settings and control your HVAC system more accurately.

• Programmable Thermostats

If you do not like the idea of pressing the thermostat every time you want to manipulate the setting, a programmable thermostat will work best for you. It has an automatic scheduling interface where you can set different temperature schedules throughout the week. The thermostat will automatically shift setting based on your schedule, so you do not need to the adjustment by hand.

• Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats have a lot of similar features as programmable thermostats. When it comes to automatic adjustment, however, you do not need to set an advanced schedule with a smart thermostat. Its self-learning feature will take note of your daily routine and program itself to match your schedule and preferences.

• Wireless Thermostats

Wireless thermostats offer easy access to your devices from anywhere and anytime. There are wireless digital, programmable and smart thermostats which you can control through your mobile phones and tablets. If you want more savings this year, a wireless thermostat will be a big help since you can shift the settings easily and save energy.

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