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10 Heating Repair Issues in Orlando, FL

10 Heating Repair Issues in Orlando, FL

Winter is upon us, and with it comes the dreaded cold weather. If your heater isn’t working properly, you’ll be left out in the cold. But when should you call a professional for heating repair Orlando FL?

Here are 10 issues that should get you on the phone with a heating repair expert right away:

Strange Noises

If furnaces or heat pumps are making strange noises, like rattling or squealing, it could be an indication that something is wrong. Don’t wait to call an HVAC technician – they may need to replace worn parts before they break completely and cause more expensive problems.

Unusual Smells

Burning smells coming from your furnace or heat pump are not normal! One of the most common causes is a dirty air filter, but there can be other causes as well. Be sure to get it checked out – if left untreated, an electrical fire could easily start in the ducts, especially in the case of leaky ductwork.

Lukewarm Air

Is your home not warm enough? It could be because of a malfunctioning blower motor or clogged air filter – both of which require professional attention to fix correctly and safely.

Yellow Pilot Light

If your pilot light has changed color from blue to yellow, it’s a sign that something is off-balance in the combustion process and needs to be looked at by a professional ASAP!

Inconsistent Temperatures

Does one room feel warmer than others? This may indicate that your thermostat is broken or that there’s an issue with your ductwork (like leaks or blockages). Get someone to come check it out so you can enjoy even temperatures throughout your house again!

High Energy Bills

If you’ve noticed a sudden spike in energy bills, this could mean that your heater isn’t running as efficiently as it should be – due to age or other causes. An HVAC tech can help diagnose any underlying issues and provide tips on how best to save energy while still keeping comfortable temperatures indoors during wintertime!

Frequent Cycling On/Off Cycles

Does your heating system seem to turn on and off multiple times per hour? This could mean that there’s an issue with the thermostat setting or something else mechanical-related going on inside the unit itself!

Talk with an experienced technician about what might be causing this problem before any further damage is done by overworking the system!  

Leaks Around The Furnace

Leaks around the base of your furnace can indicate anything from loose connections or clogs in the condensate lines, all of which require immediate attention from a professional technician who can identify and repair them correctly without any further problems arising from improper maintenance work done yourself! 

Ignition Issues

Are you having trouble getting your furnace to ignite? It may just need new batteries in its igniter switch – but if not, then something more serious could be wrong with ignition system components like faulty wiring or bad valves – all of which require diagnostic testing by an experienced HVAC technician before attempting any repairs yourself!  

Excessive Humidity

Is there too much humidity inside your home? This could mean that there’s an issue with either the blower fan motor or condensate lines. When heating systems kick up a fuss, don’t try to DIY!

Heating system repair works are best left in the hands of an experienced technician who can figure out what went wrong and set it right without causing any further damage

Heating repairs don’t have to send shivers down anyone’s spine (pun intended!). With these 10 signs indicating when it’s time for professionals to handle repairs, we hope we gave you some peace of mind knowing how best to go about tackling those pesky heating issues this winter season.

Heating Services in Orlando, FL

Evening temperatures during the summer months in Central Florida can dip below the 50s and this means a heating system is required for comfort. However, homeowners are advised to be careful when purchasing the right central heating system because the one which is too powerful can cause huge energy waste without much profit.

With the right professional guidance, heating services and installations in Orlando will not only provide warmth but also reduce energy bills.

A lot of people choose to install their own central heating system but should be aware that incorrect sizing or installation can lead to equipment failure or higher utility bills. It is therefore important to hire a qualified professional who has a good knowledge of the various types of heating systems and their capacities.

A good technician can help to determine the right system size for each home, taking into account its existing insulation, size, number of occupants and other factors. This will ensure that the most energy efficient system is chosen for optimum comfort and performance.

Once the right unit has been installed in a home, it is also important to ensure its efficient operation. Professional heating maintenance services are available in Orlando to help make sure the system is working at peak performance and ensure that any defects or issues can be quickly addressed.

Regular professional services for heating systems will not only extend their life but also guarantee a more efficient performance during use. Heating installation and maintenance services in Orlando are available for all types of systems, from traditional forced air to radiant and water-source heat pumps. 

Whatever the system may be, it is essential that professional heating services are chosen to ensure optimal performance and maximum savings on energy bills. For homeowners looking for quality heating services in Orlando, FL a simple online search can provide a host of reputable professionals who can deliver. 

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