• Finance Your New A/C Unit & Installation in Central Florida

    Installing a new air conditioning unit is a huge investment, and not everyone can afford to pay it outright. Fortunately, there are reputable HVAC companies like A-1 Heat and Air Conditioning offering financing options to back you up during emerg... Read More

  • How to Know if Your Air Conditioner Is Broken

    It is hard to tell whether your air conditioning unit is broken or not especially for inexperienced homeowners. They will not even realize that there is something wrong with their A/C until it has stopped working. If you have a strong feeling tha... Read More

  • Proper Fan Settings Put You in Control of Indoor Air Quality

    Your A/C unit does not work with a thermostat alone to cool your home. Another vital factor that you need to consider is choosing your HVAC fan setting. With the right fan setting, you can enjoy a more comfortable home with significant energy sav... Read More

  • Preparing Commercial HVAC Systems for Summer

    Here comes another season to check on your commercial HVAC system. Summer can make your people and customers bathe in sweat because of too much heat. But, you can stop this scenario from happening if you prepare the system early this month. Learn ... Read More

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