• 5 Big Mistakes You’re Making With Your Air Conditioner

    According to Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA), fifty percent of the average homeowner’s monthly energy bill goes to air conditioning due to inefficiency. While this is true, most homeowners do not realize the mistakes they are making with thei... Read More

  • 4 HVAC Upgrades to Relieve Flu Symptoms

    You do not know when the flu will hit you. It can happen any day this year and worst, it may attack you this summer when all you want is to indulge in everything that is cold. Obviously, nobody wants it. But, do you know that your HVAC system has t... Read More

  • Why Is My A/C Blowing Out White Smoke?

    Have you noticed a white smoke blowing out of your A/C unit? You probably checked your air conditioner for burnt or short circuit wires. But, you didn’t see anything wrong. Where exactly could this white smoke come from? Here are two (2) pos... Read More

  • 5 Items to Check if Your A/C is Not Cooling

    Air conditioners are complex systems where airflow, temperature, and pressure should work together to help the system work correctly. The fact that it is composed of several components suggests that it may fail in certain parts while operating. B... Read More

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